The spade…

…in the middle of the road!

Yesterday was a perfect autumnal day for a last ride on the bike before putting it away over winter. The roads had dried from the horrendous weekend rain and the wind had died down to tolerable. It wasn’t even terribly cold…perfect conditions.

We came into the local village behind a car and spotted roadworks ahead. Orange barriers were placed down the middle of the road and a darker section of road looked freshly tarmaced. There were no signs to indicate which side of the barriers to go and no sign warning of ramps in the road.

We followed the car at a safe distance, driving at the usual side of the road, there being nothing to tell us to do otherwise. The car cleared the area and we followed.

And were thankfully able to stop before riding straight into the spade left lying directly in our path! As dangerous as that was, we were actually thankful it was there because the section of road we thought was freshly tarmaced was actually a trench in the process of being filled! If we’d hit that we’d have gone over in spectacularly painful fashion.

Needless to say, Lovely Boyfriend parked a little further up the road and walked back to give them hell. They had already pulled the barriers across the area and had the decency to apologise.

It got me thinking about life and the unexpected spades in our path. The trenches we fall into because we couldn’t see any signs.

My BPD is considerate enough to signpost itself most of the time. The recurrent depression isn’t and that’s what “normal” people struggle with the most, I think. They wonder how we didn’t see it coming. Didn’t we read the signs?

Sometimes there aren’t any signs and, like with our bike incident yesterday, any resultant crash would not have been our fault.

Ps. The car drove over those same obstacles without difficulty. Some people are lucky like that.


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