Did you see…

…the monster?

That’s what I’ll be asking Porglet Minimus tomorrow. The brave teachers of Porglet School decided that a trip to Loch Ness was just what was required for 50-odd 6 and 7 year old children. They must have spent nearly 6 hours in a coach…

Minimus was very excited at the prospect of spotting the Loch Ness Monster and was determined that she would, indeed, see it, especially as she’d made a pair of kitchen roll binoculars! I warned her that Loch Ness was awfully big and Nessie was awfully good at hiding but she knew exactly what to look for, apparently!

How many of us can say the same? Can we spot the monster of depression lurking deep within? Can we predict when it will choose to surface, or when it will remain lurking but churning up the waters of our emotions? Or will it simply pounce and leave us reeling?

Proper clinical depression just pounces on me. BPD provoked depression is easier to spot and I can keep an eye out for the signs that that particular monster is about to rear its ugly head. The more I understand about the condition, the easier it gets to spot potential triggers; the churning waters indicating a breakout is imminent.

Lovely Boyfriend has gone back offshore (boo), so I’ve got my kitchen-roll binoculars at the ready.


2 thoughts on “Did you see…

  1. Recently, I’ve been going through a difficult time. I think most of it is coming from BPD symptoms. This post is just what I’ve been think of lately – to gain some more control through knowledge. I’m gonna make those K-roll binoculars. Oh! and Loch Ness is my most favourite place. We used to visit my Aunt every years who lived nearby….never seen the monster. Hope things are ok without lovely B/f

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