What’s in…

…your history?

My computer was running slow yesterday so I decided to have a clear out. I ran the scan thingie and it went through all the cookies and temporary files clogging up my system. All I’ll say is, when you’re researching a new book, it’s amazing how many Google searches you run. My computer was trying to remember all those searches, from Norse swearwords to whether Vikings ate pea-soup , from early Christian burual rites to Viking boat burials…and a whole pile more.

I hit the button and wooosh, it was all gone. All that history wiped out, allowing my system to run one heck of a lot quicker.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could do the same with all the extra baggage we carry around with ourselves? All that stuff that happened long ago. All the things that slow us down and prevent us from working optimally.

Here’s something you may not realise (or be too scared to admit to yourself): we can. Look at what’s slowing you down and stopping  you from enjoying life fully, and relegate it to the Recycle Bin. Then empty it. I’m not saying it’s easy, or that it’s going to end all your mental health problems, but it certainly helps you get on with day-to-day life if you run a quick scan thingie each morning and clear out the junk.


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