I hate…


I’ve never been on a real rollercoaster. I would look at them as a child and simply freeze. The thought of all that out of controlness…I couldn’t even bring myself to do the high jump at school! (Highly embarrassing!).

I don’t know if other people with bpd are the same?

Anyway…I’ve woken up this morning feeling like I’m on a year-long rollercoaster ride. I had a cheerful conversation with Lovely Boyfriend last night where he laughed at my tales of Ragnar. I got on top of Christmas shopping deals.

But I also had weird dreams and I’ve woken up tired and down. I know I’ll feel better once I get on with things but the thought of pushing myself back up the tracks is exhausting. Especially when I’ve no idea what’s coming next.

Sigh…good job I have that great life stabiliser. Chocolate.


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