What a difference…

…a day makes!

When I wrote yesterday’s blog, I was lying in bed, not really wanting to get on with the day. I’d written my list the previous night, knowing I didn’t want another day of feeling Bleagh (insert raspberry sound here). So I wrote the list, but that doesn’t mean I felt happy about getting on with it yesterday!

However, after my years of therapy, I knew I had to get on with doing stuff in order to start feeling better. So I got on with my list. It’s very satisfying, ticking things off (although I scored through things yesterday – even more satisfying!).

One thing NOT on my list, however, turned out to be the most important thing. Facing up to why I’ve been feeling Bleagh (insert raspberry sound here). I knew it couldn’t purely be down to the recurrent depression; the BPD must be playing a part because it always does.

So I thought about it, worked out what was really going on in my head and I started to do something to change the situation. I may not be able to do much, but simply understanding the root of the problem has made me feel so much better about moving on.

The writing went really well too…the Horde are in the middle of getting audited (insert grin here).


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