I like…


It’s the one day every week where I feel like a proper, full-time mum. The Porglets will be arriving any minute and I get to do both school runs, including the guarding of the precious tenor horn (Maximus’, and she’s doing well).

It’s a great feeling for me, to stand in the playground and appear “normal”. To chat with other mums about homework or weekend plans. Then there’s homework time, tea and the mad rush out to choir! Then home for playtime (Go Fish is popular!) and bed. Busy but immensely satisfying when it only happens 1 or 3 nights a week.

Of course, middle of the night troubles aren’t much fun, but it’s still up to me to fix them. Bad dreams are shaken out of the dreamcatcher to be whisked away by the wind. Grumps and tantrums are ignored and then resolved once emotions are calmed.

Plus, Lovely Boyfriend arrives home tonight (1 day late, thanks to a training course). Ragnar continues in his mission to drink Pictland dry and I’ve made a start on my homemade Christmas presents for LB.

I like Thursdays!


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