What happens when…

…things change?

I’ve just come downstairs to discover Mad Mutt has flooded her bed again. She had a probable UTI last month but it had cleared up. She’s 11, so now I’m considering all sorts of nasty outcomes. Is it diabetes? Is it cancer?

I hate my crystal ball gazing because the possibilities are always distorted, and not just where the dog is concerned.

If something has to change, how do you deal with it? It’s one of the many bits to BPD I hate because it crops up so often. Life is uncertain and plans change. Sometimes I can deal with it pretty well, othertimes I really can’t.

As always with BPD, it depends on what else is going on at the time. It’s like those kids games where you have to keep building a stack and it gets wobblier and wobblier; the more you add, the greater the chance of complete collapse.

Continuing that metaphor; changed plans are like the game of Jenga. A block is pulled out from under you. It gets placed somewhere new and technically everything remains the same. The more you change, however, the less stable etc etc.

I wish life came with superglue…


2 thoughts on “What happens when…

  1. I’ve found that it gets to me the most when I’m expecting a certain outcome, and it’s totally different from what I expected, and I’m not prepared for it. It totally throws me off. I feel very upset, panicky, etc, all of a sudden. That’s when my BPD takes over, and it’s hard to manage.

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