Have you ever wondered…

…what the point is?

Firstly: Don’t Panic! This is not a doom and gloom post. I am not reaching for pills, knives or anything more dangerous than a cup of tea!

What I mean is: have you forgotten why you do certain things? Have you stopped enjoying singing? Are you having a nervous breakdown at the thought of organising one more school fundraiser?

Sometimes we forget the point of these activities, activities we’ve chosen to do. They become a burden instead of something fun/diverting/useful.

Yes, sometimes we have to do things that feel pointless. A job we don’t really enjoy because bills must be paid. My Wonderful Psychologist set me a whole series of pointless tasks last year, just to prove a point!

What I’m trying to say is this: look at what you’re unhappy with and decide what the point is. Are you deliberately making yourself miserable and stressed over something originally meant for relaxation? At this time of year, lots of people get stressed about Christmas, people who’ve forgotten the whole point of it! I was one of those people a couple of weeks ago, until I sat down and made a point of remembering the point!

Take a look at your life and decide what the point is and, if it feels pointless, give yourself a new point.

Ps. This post was inspired by a cut on my finger. Yesterday, I forgot the fundamental point of scissors!


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