The End…

…is Nigh!

Once again: Don’t Panic! I don’t mean the Apocalypse with the Four Horsemen etc, I mean the end of Ragnar’s saga.

I had a mammoth writing session yesterday and wrote over 4000 words. I feel proud of myself, although that nagging inner critic says I managed that amount with ease last year.

Nagging Inner Critic – *raspberry and swear-y fingers* (as The Porglets call them!)

Some days I manage more than others; that’s just life. I suspect today’s writing will feel dull, heavy and boring because I woke from a bad dream at just before 5 this morning and didn’t get back to sleep. I hope it doesn’t because these last chapters should be quite amusing as Ragnar berserks into the sunset with his Horde screaming behind. Or something like that…I haven’t actually worked out the actual ending.

Of course, NaNoWriMo doesn’t finish until Saturday night, but I plan to roughly write the rest of the book today, then edit and shape over the following days. I hope that by this time next week, the finished manuscript will be ready to print into an actual little book.

I’d better get my Viking equivalent of skates on…


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