All things are equal…

…but some are more equal than others.

Apologies to George Orwell for amending his words!

This post possibly won’t make much sense to my “neurotypical” readers and may not make much sense to my fellow borderlines either.

How do you decide what is most important? In your working life, how do you prioritise your time? How do you not explode with the stress of every little thing that has to be done?!

This week is a busy one. I’ve just finished one concert and have another on Friday. I have a book to edit and proof and send to the printers by Thursday. I have a rehearsal tonight, carol singing tomorrow night, Porglets on Thursday (including preparing Maximus for her first concert)…my head is spinning, my chest tightening and my heart pounding.

How do you all cope when you have to add work and full-time parenting on top?! It seems like an impossible ask to me…because in my borderline head, everything is important and equally so.

Trying to look at it rationally (nigh on impossible when bpd emotions come into play), I don’t have too much to stress about. Editing Ragnar actually means a quiet day with my Kindle and a notebook. Rehearsals are fun (although driving there won’t be!) and the same goes for tomorrow. Even Thursday and Friday will be relatively quiet days filled with not very much…but all I can see is the stress of the few hours that are filled with actual activity.

How do you all do it?!


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