The Day of Ragnar…


Well, it hasn’t quite dawned yet. It’s still pitch black outside, blowing a gale and raining lumps of water, but that’s pretty apt for a Ragnar dawn. 

Today is the day I finish up the book completely, enter my winning NaNoWriMo code into CreateSpace and claim my free copies in time for Christmas (hopefully). It’s not the best book I’ve ever written, but it’s the funniest. It’s also the shortest, again quite apt for Ragnar.

I don’t know whether to feel excited, sad, scared or indifferent. I’ve never self-published before. Even though this edition is purely for Lovely Boyfriend and nobody else gets to see it until its been properly bludgeoned into shape, it’s still self-publishing and that’s a big step. Ragnar has an ISBN number; he exists in a catalogue somewhere! 

OK…scared seems to be the over-riding emotion so I’ll go with that. Scared excitement…just have to hope my fingers don’t stutter on the keyboard and introduce a pile of typos into what is, otherwise, a perfectly proofed novella (sarcasm; I’ve written and edited the thing in the space of 35 days!).

Best get on with it then!


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