…what to do now?

*drums fingers and ponders options*

I suspect other writers get the same feeling when they finish a book. What now? Immediately start something new? Edit something old? Research? Rewrite? Take a break?

The Porglets and I snuggled up the other week with White Christmas and one of the songs has stuck in my head: What do you do with a General when he stops being a General?

What do I do as a writer when I’m not writing? Luckily I have a few Christmas presents to finish off for Lovely Boyfriend and the Porglets. It’ll keep me occupied for much of this week, but do you know something?

I want to be writing! I want to be working on something! What a difference from October when the thought of writing was a lurking dread! It just shows what NaNoWriMo can do, plus a change in style.

Me thinks Ragnar may be hanging around a bit longer in my imagination 🙂


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