‘Tis the Season…

…for Porglets to get stupidly excited and forget the simplest of things.

Homework time last night was a little different from normal. Maximus (usually 100% when it comes to her spelling) made silly errors with her words and couldn’t even remember what some of them were. Minimus (my little scatter-brain, happy-go-lucky) was even more erratic in her sums than usual. She has a great attitude towards maths – keep on guessing and never mind getting it wrong – but I was tearing my hair out by the end of the session! 

Christmas is coming and they’re more interested in the school trip to the pantomime (today), the school play (tomorrow) and the community concert (Thursday) to bother about such mundane things as 6 + 4 = 4 + 6. 

Don’t we all have times in our life when something big looms larger than the everyday minutiae? Good or bad, I know my mind tends to linger on the one “biggie” and everything else suffers as a result. For someone so organised and efficient (apparently), I’m pretty rubbish at being organised and efficient in my thinking.

Does anyone else think in such a segmented way? By this, I mean do you plan your entire day around “I have to do the housework”? In reality, this takes a couple of hours at most, but that’s what the entire day is about in my mind. Today is “I have to load the Porglet’s MP3 players with music for Christmas Day”. I’m sure that’ll not take me the full day but it’s all I have planned out. It’s ridiculous really, but I can’t seem to think “beyond the biggie” and, the worst part, is the stress and pressure I put myself under to achieve the biggie as quickly as possible! I will push and push myself to get that task done and then I’ll have hours of nothingness! If I happen to have two or three biggies to work on in the space of one day, the pressure and stress I cause myself is ridiculous. 

I’m not sure if that’ll make sense to anyone, but I hope it does. My lesson for today is to remember that each day comes with 24 hours, not 2. 


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