…just didn’t happen blogwise. My apologies. 

I woke up feeling pretty rubbish and tearful after another night of vivid dreams interspersed with periods of being awake and hating it. My body clearly doesn’t “do” SSRI’s. Chat with the nurse this morning…

I thought about blogging later on in the day but then I learnt that Lovely Boyfriend will not be home for Christmas after all. *unhappy and disgruntled face*

I know I shouldn’t really grumble because he’s had an extra couple of weeks at home this time; but still. You’d think they’d let him have Christmas off when the new rig isn’t even fully operational! Thankfully I’m ahead with the present making and will be able to finish off a couple of small items for him to take away with him for the Day. 

If I HAD gotten around to posting yesterday, this was what I was going to post:

I definitely had a black dog accompanying me yesterday but I’m hoping today will be better. 


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