It’s another…

…proud Mummy moment!

Yesterday was the Sunday School Christmas service and I’m so proud of my Porglets.

Maximus read her lines as clearly as ever and didn’t miss a word of the memory verse. She’s been doing so well with the older kids that she and her wee pal have effectively skipped a year of the programme.

Minimus stole the show for me, however. She and her wee pal are both 6 and this was their first year of reading lines versus memorizing a sentence. Minimus read beautifully and fluently with great feeling. Her wee pal hadn’t had so much practise and isn’t so advanced with her reading, so she stumbled and needed some help. She still did brilliantly and we’re all proud of her for giving it her best (that’s not meant to sound patronizing in any way).

What made me proud was not Minimus’ fluency but what happened when the two of them spoke their last bit together. Recognising her pal’s difficulty, Minimus slowed down and took her lead from her friend. She did it without even thinking.

One thing I hear consistently from teachers etc is that my two Porglets are considerate, helpful and good friends to those who need it.

Who could fail to be proud of that?


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