Everyone feels better…

…with new pants!

(For my American readers, I mean pants in the British sense; i.e. underwear).

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make us feel better about life, as I was reminded yesterday by Porglet Minimus. She’d had one of “those” days at school. She had a lot of sore bits (tiny scratches on her elbow and hand), she’d hurt her knee getting into the car, and people had been hurting her feelings.

She delivered this tale to me in a baby, whiny, voice and I could see how her classmates had tired of it. I sat her down and explained that saying “ow” over every little bump or knock is like the boy crying “wolf”; people stop listening or caring (if they even care in the first place). I also explained that talking in a baby voice is really annoying and not the way to get my, or anybody else’s, attention. Finally, I explained that people will only hurt your feelings if you choose to let them be hurt (unless you suffer an emotion regulation disorder, which she doesn’t. Yes, she’s a little over-sensitive when she chooses to be, but she can control her emotions when she wants to).

I then set to work to cheer her up in a practical way, so she could learn that doing positive things helps put you in a positive mood. We rubbed moisturiser into her elbows, hands and knees as dry skin is the cause of her sore patches. I agreed to move the car passenger seat forward to give her more space to get in and out. I told her to get changed into home clothes so she could leave the opinions of her school friends behind with her school clothes. I showed her the new underwear I’d bought her…

Immediately, the woes of the day vanished at the sight of frilly knickers! Even Porglet Maximus, who was already in a good mood, cheered at the sight of her new crop-tops. Apparently vests are for kids (she’s 8!). I fear I shall have to surgically remove them from her!

Little things have the power to ruin our day. With BPD, we can desperately try not to get upset over the little things, but often it’s impossible because our broken brains just do it anyway. However, the flip-side is that little things also have the power to make us feel better (when we choose to let them).

So, if you’re feeling a bit down today, slip on a new pair of knickers and let them work their magic on you!


If laughter is the best medicine…

…you should all feel better shortly.

No post today, just a link to the first 6 chapters of Ragnar. If you don’t crack a single smile, nor utter the tiniest snort of amusement, I suggest thee bookest thineself an appointment with thine GP/psychologist/psychiatrist immediately.