Two years ago…

…today, I was feeling rather nervous.

New Year is the time for starting over, making resolutions and determining to do better. It’s also a really crappy time to be on your own.

Two years ago, I’d spent much of the week between Christmas and New Year alone. I had the Porglets for New Year, which only served to emphasise my lonely state as you can’t celebrate the bells with a 4 and 6 year old.

Determined to change, I signed up with an online dating website and, on the 2nd of January, made contact with “blokeinjods”. I say “made contact” but all I did was click on his profile, I wasn’t brave enough to click the “flirt with” button! Thankfully, he was.

Two years on and “blokeinjods” is now Lovely Boyfriend. We met for lunch exactly 2 years ago and the rest is history!

Sometimes it’s worth exposing yourself, declaring an interest in something unexpected, making the decision to change because you’re not happy with how things are. Two years on and I need to look again at my life and what’s working and what I can do to help myself feel better.

Thankfully, this time, I have Lovely Boyfriend right there to help from the start so at least I’m not lonely! Happy Anniversary, darling.


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