Could someone please invent…

…catch up life?!

Lovely Boyfriend’s sleep patterns are struggling to adapt to normal after 10 years following the same shift pattern. Currently his body is on nights, despite his best efforts to sleep normally! He’s incredibly considerate but, obviously, I’m going to stir and waken as he moves around. Combined with the incredibly realistic dreams I’ve been having lately and I’m feeling more tired than normal anyway.

Then, this morning, my alarm failed to go off. It’s the first time it’s happened and it’s a good job the lad upstairs always makes a racket when he thunders out in the morning, otherwise The Porglets would have arrived to find me in my pyjamas. I’ve spent the rest of the morning catching up and I still feel behind!

I’d love a button I could push to pause time whilst I catch up with all the things I need to do. I’ve done the weekly food shop and now I’m blogging. I also have to edit two chapters of Ragnar, take the dog for a walk, change all the bedding, get two loads of washing through the machine, collect The Porglets from school, feed them and get out to choir…a normal Thursday, in other words! 

I know I shouldn’t be panicking because I’m only an hour behind. It’s no big deal, but telling myself that doesn’t work of course! So, if someone could invent the same thing for life as we have for TV, I’d be ever so grateful.


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