Don’t you just hate…

…back seat drivers?

I’ve been watching a lot of Dexter on Netflix recently; something about the programme just grabbed me and now I’m working my way through every series. It’s funny, watching a guy with zero emotions when I have more than enough for several people!

The thing that I understand the most (but definitely not in a serial killer way!) is his Dark Passenger. The darkness that accompanies him through life and refuses to go away. Much of the time, he controls it but then it demands to be listened to and he has to give in. The passenger becomes the driver. In fact, Dexter understands that his passenger is back seat driving his entire life.

Sound familiar? Again, hopefully not in a psychopathic way.

Isn’t that Dark Passenger depression? Isn’t it every mental health problem? Always there. Sometimes in control, sometimes under control but always there, dictating directions and actions? You block it out for so long but eventually the nagging gets to you, tires you out, wears you down and you yell “Fine. You drive then!”

I’m working very hard to keep my dark passenger in the back seat and I’m tempted to ask Dexter for some clingfilm, a sedative and a gag…


One thought on “Don’t you just hate…

  1. This is such a good analogy. For me it’s the passenger who paid for the whole journey in advance, and even though you desperately want to kick them out you can’t. So you have to learn to drive with them, and they really are just a real pain in the arse! Kittie, x

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