…and decisions.

Porglet Minimus had to make a tough decision this morning; did she take her new doll to school or her old doll? As soon as my alarm went off, she came through and asked what to do; she’d clearly been worrying and giving it a lot of thought.

She didn’t actually need my advice because she’d already made her choice; she just needed me as a sounding board.

The old doll gets the day out because “that would be fairest”, the new doll having been paraded about at Christmas.

I hope that’s the biggest dilemma my wee girl has to face for many a year. I also hope that when she faces other dilemmas, she finds it just as easy to come and talk to me about it.

It’s not always easy, making choices about the best thing to do, especially when emotions start running high (which they do all the time with bpd). Do you cut or call someone? Do you take the pills or not? Choices I never want my girls to have to face.

Long may the toughest choices involve dolls.


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