The partypoopers…

…of life.

There are some people who suck the fun out of anything and everything. We all know someone who needs to read the dictionary definition of “fun” and stick a balloon somewhere amusing!

I’m a fine one to talk, I know. I take a lot of things far too seriously and really have to be mindful of when enough is enough! I do stuff for fun, however, and I make sure the Porglets understand that there’s no point going through life miserably.

I want to have fun in life, but frequently things prevent me from fully enjoying some situations. Socially, anxiety kicks in; stress and perfectionism interrupt work; depression stops me going out and BPD can switch negativity into overdrive at the ladder of a tight. Fun for me is often fraught with difficulties I first need to overcome! I’m getting there, however, and can’t wait for the weather to improve so Lovely Boyfriend can get the bike on the road!

It’s easy to blame other people for pissing on your parade and taking the joy out of stuff, but we should always remember that ultimately, we’re the person in charge of our emotions. If we want to enjoy life, we have to make the effort.

I met so many people over my years in hospital and therapy who seemed determined never to have fun ever again. In some way, having fun went against their view of life. It was never their fault, however. They hadn’t gone out because their husband had said something three weeks previously to put them off. They couldn’t enjoy that TV show because it was Thursday. External forces were preventing them from getting any fun out of their life.

I was one of those people for over 2 years; sometimes I still am that person (which I hate!). Part of it is the illness; I know that. But, and it’s a big but some people will refuse to consider…but it is possible to work over your illness and choose to have fun. You simply need to want it enough.

Some people will never allow fun into their lives…do you want to be one of those people? I don’t.

If you’ll all excuse me, I have a drunken Viking to feed…


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