Do you make lemons…

…from lemonade?

I know, I know; the saying usually goes the other way, but isn’t this way rather accurate too?

Who has taken a positive situation and turned it into a negative one? *raises own hand with alacrity*

For instance: I’ve had a weekend with The Porglets and now it’s time to drop them back with The Ex-hubby. = positive situation. We’ve had time together, playing, baking and being a family.

Making lemons: I’ll never be a full-time Mum. I’m always saying goodbye to them. It’s never going to change. This is a horrible situation.

See? I know I’m not alone in doing this!

Depression makes this problem a thousand times worse. It’s as though an invisible barrier has dropped down around you and only the negatives are visible through its weird filtering system.

Good news: by being mindful of your thought processes, you andcan train yourself out of lemons from lemonade thinking.

It’s taken me a few years, including some mindfulness training and cbt work, but I’m much less likely to catastrophise with my thinking now. My automatic thoughts still run on the negative lines, but I spot them and stop them (unless my bpd is fired up, in which case I’m pretty buggered, but I do my best!).

Start thinking about your thinking and stop making lemonade back into lemons. If you give it a shot, you’ll be turning chicken nuggets into sausage rolls before you know it! (Parenting tip: don’t promise chicken nuggets for tea without counting how many are left in the packet first!)


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