Beware the slow…


Yesterday, I warned of the impact of emotional storms in our lives. Today, I’m rapidly recalling the fact that long, slow drip drips can cause just as much damage if we let them.

Here’s the practical thing that set my mind along this path this morning:
I live in a council flat and my local council don’t provide electric showers, just a bath. The previous tenant, bless him, fitted an electric shower above the bath. He, bless him, didn’t bother tiling higher than the council already had. The result? A slow drip drip carving away the plaster under the showerhead and around the top of the tiles which is now very visible and upsetting me.

Little drips, invisible when viewed alone, have the potential to cause big problems. Stalactites are drips, remember!

I’ve noticed some drips today and I let them put me in a bad mood, which was careless of me. The way to handle drips is not to rant and rail over them, but to dry up the drip.

That may involve talking to the dripee about a behaviour getting on your nerves. It may be fixing that dripping tap that keeps you awake at night. It might be getting out the house each day to avoid listening to the neighbour’s choice of music. It may be learning to be mindful of your inner critic and shushing their ceaseless drip drip of criticism and putting down. It may involve calling in a plumber, in the form of your consultant/gp/family.

Find your drip drips and dry them up before they erode too much of you away.


4 thoughts on “Beware the slow…

    • Cheap housing, basically! Simple flat at low cost for people who can’t afford to rent privately from a landlord. The local councils provide so many flats (apartments) and you put your name on a list to get one. You can wait years sometimes. I got one after my marriage ended and I was, effectively, homeless if discharged from hospital. I moved from 2.5 years in hospital to my wee flat. You even have to provide your own carpet most of the time but you’re covered if things break unless you modified them.
      I forget my blog goes worldwide!

      • Ah 🙂 I was just telling my new roommate today that I noticed this week that most of the blogs I follow are from Europe. I didn’t realize you are also. I guess I’m on the wrong side of the pond 🙂

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