The Pyjama Game…

…is the game I’m in!

For those of a musical mindset, you’ll now be singing that song for hours.

Today is a pyjama day. Outside exists merely for Mad Mutt to visit a couple of times as necessary. I may or may not edit Ragnar; I’ll see how bored I get of doing nothing.

I went to the Jobcentre yesterday, cried a little and was told to come back in 1.5 hours to speak to an Advisor, when I cried a LOT (total BPD breakdown). Silly me for thinking the Advisor would be able to give any useful or sympathetic advice! I’m sure nice people must work in Jobcentres but I’ve yet to meet one.

Upshot is I have to go back tomorrow with my application for JobSeekers Allowance, even though I’m not actively looking or planning to look for work. It’s the only benefit open to me and I doubt it’ll remain open once I go BPD on them again.

So today is a pyjama day to recover from yesterday and prepare for tomorrow. It’s not the day I had in mind (either of them), but I get a long weekend of Porglets at the end of it.

My sofa beckons…


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