I’m being productive…

…shame it’s mostly the production of snot!

The cold continues, which never helps you feel better when you’re in a down period with your mental health. But I’m getting there today, where I failed miserably yesterday. I’ve phoned my consultant to hurry up his letter for my Mandatory Reconsideration, and I’m formatting/editing the letter Welfare Rights prepared for me. I’ll post the useful bits another day (things like case law and the actual wording of the descriptors they use to assign points). The dog is walked and I’m showered/dressed. I’ve also written a blog post…OK, make that 2 blog posts if you include this brief note.

I realised the other day that I’ve not given the link here for my new Ragnar blog…or maybe I have but forgotten? Either way, for everything Ragnar-based, please visit http://www.ragnarpiddledrinker.wordpress.com

Please share the link with any and all of your friends; the more followers Ragnar gets on his blog, the more chance I have of getting an agent/publisher interested in taking him on!

I’m now going to sneeze….


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