What animal…

…are you?

My Facebook feed has been full of these sorts of personality quizzes recently; which Disney Princess, what type of dog, which character from Harry Potter etc etc. (Sleeping Beauty, Border Collie and Hermione, if you’re interested. Oh, and a swan.)

They’re all a bit of fun…and all have some degree of accuracy. OK, so I’m not an actual swan but the characteristics given (faithful, protective of family) do apply.

Personality tests are useful tools. When I finally received my BPD diagnosis, it was based on observations, discussions and what felt like a hundred different personality tests. Tests that gave a really accurate picture of what was going on in my head and how I was likely to think and act.

When working with my psychologist after my release from hospital, we used numerous personality tests to look at my different “schemas” to work out what was driving me (or not). We would then pick a schema (eg unrelenting high standards), work on it and then re-assess to see if things had improved or not.

I think the DWP are missing a trick here.


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