A year older…

…but am I any the wiser?

First off, I’d like to point out that it’s not MY birthday, but the first birthday of this blog. A year ago, I decided to set up a blog to promote my writing. At that point, my writing was ever-so-serious and was going to change the entire world view of mental ill-health.

Yeah…that hasn’t happened.

Instead of writing about writing, I found myself posting about my own mental health at least once a week. I’ve blogged about how I believe my BPD developed (I was born with it!), and I’ve blogged about the recurrence of my recurrent depressive disorder. Actual writing about mental health in a fictional way has disappeared off my radar to be replaced with drunken Vikings.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this post, or what direction the blog will take over the next year. At the moment I’m feeling very tired and fed-up of feeling depressed. I’m doing the usual BPD trick of magnifying the negatives in everything (even the fact it’s sunny outside has me feeling blue because the garden needs tidying up and I can’t be bothered). My temper flares at the slightest wrong (screwdrivers flew yesterday as I attempted to turn the water to my shower back on). Everything is such bloody hard work.

Thank goodness there’s one thing that hasn’t changed from the original blog…the part-time writer may be writing less frequently than before, and I now spend more than part-time with my children, but I’m still a full-time chocoholic!


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