Just a quick blog today because the computer is playing up and I have a head full of ideas for Ragnar’s new, and more obvious, plot. Plus Lovely Boyfriend gets home tonight and I’m too excited to make much sense 🙂

The DWP have amended their decision that I was fit for work! It took a mini-BPD breakdown in the JobCentre, several emails back and forth with Welfare Rights (telephoning was too stressful) to prepare a letter stating all the reasons why their decision was wrong and why I was, in fact, entitled to something like 28 points and not 0 points, two appointments with my psychiatrist plus a letter from him, and a re-referral to the CMHT…but I’ve made it! Once again, I’ve been moved from “get a job you scrounging lay-about, there’s nothing wrong with you” to “Ooops we made a mistake; you’re in the Support Group after all”.

It’s been the most stressful couple of weeks in my life, in the midst of a depressive episode, but hopefully now I’ll have the BPD off my back and can focus on dealing with/living with depression until I find a medication that helps and doesn’t hinder me.



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