I’m still here…

…just about!
Apologies for my lengthy absence; never a good thing for a mental health blog. I’ve been avoiding my computer for some reason and the thought of blogging is just too much some days.

Since I last blogged, I’ve learnt that SSRI’s tend to give me suicidal thoughts (specifically Trazadone and Fluoxetine). Life was not fun for those weeks, nor the 5 medication free weeks before I could start Moclobemide. I’m 3 weeks into that and still unsure how well it will work out long term, but I’ve got to give it a chance.

I’m spending most of my time watching silly programmes on the telly whilst knitting toy unicorns…today’s one is zebra striped 🙂

So ! I’m still here and still fighting on and I hope you all are too.