Agoraphobics Anonymous

How can you find love when you can’t leave your living room?
Angela Black is twenty-five and living in a space that’s roughly twenty-five foot square. She’s too scared to go upstairs to her bedroom, let alone venture out into the dangerous world. A world where her mum was killed and she was raped and beaten to the point of amnesia. Her only point of contact is Ryan, the local postman and an old school friend. He’s determined to get Angela living on “the right side of the door” again. He’s fed-up playing musical doorbells for a start.

David White is twenty-six and delusional. He knows the spiders are watching his every move. He also knows it’s just a delusion brought about by years of drug abuse. Still, he’d rather not take the risk and it’s up to his sister to drag him out of bed every day.

When Angela and David meet at an online support group, they fall in love. That was the easy part. After a LOT of hard work involving togas, pizza and spider-eating dogs, they finally meet in person. Which is when they realise they already have a history…

Agoraphobics Anonymous will be self-published in 2014.


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