Hospital Corners

It’s not mental health…it’s mental hell.

Miss Esme Smith arrives at her local hospital on a winter’s evening, after cutting herself. She wanders the hallways, anxious, lost and confused. Throughout her time in the hospital, she watches other patients.

Elizabeth is six when she’s admitted to hospital. She doesn’t exactly understand why she’s here, only that she’s different, that nobody likes her and that her father doesn’t understand her.

Marge doubts her husband’s love for her and firmly believes she’s going to die giving birth.

Stewart’s wife, Lottie, has been stabbed. He knows who did it, but struggles to understand why.

Peggy has a baby who won’t stop crying, but it turns out that she’s the one with the problem; serious mental health problems.

As the night progresses, the different characters’ stories start to entwine…

Hospital Corners came runner-up in the Luke Bitmead Bursary 2012, run by Legend Press. It will be self-published in 2014.


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